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Meet Dr. Chris Galloway

Fishers chiropractor, Dr. Chris Galloway

Dr. Chris Galloway

An Interest in Serving Others

I became a chiropractor because I wanted to try and help other people achieve their best health potential.
Dr. Chris Galloway

Dr. Chris Galloway first went to pharmacy school, thinking the best way to do so was by providing medicine. He learned more about natural health, working out and eating right to try and be as healthy as possible.

It was during his pharmacy internship Dr. Galloway realized medication wasn’t the best way to help people stay healthy.

Receiving a Thorough Education

Dr. Galloway had a friend in chiropractic school who told him that chiropractic might be the best fit for what he wanted to do. He had positive experiences with chiropractic in the past, so he decided to attend Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis. It was the same school his friend attended and allowed him to get a balanced education of medical and chiropractic care.

Affecting Your Overall Well-being

It was during his years in chiropractic college that Dr. Galloway shadowed a chiropractor who would influence the way he practices today. The chiropractor saw many patients who loved him and had great results from his care. Dr. Galloway received an adjustment from the chiropractor and could feel the effects of it in his entire body.

He modeled himself after this chiropractor, feeling chiropractic in his heart. ‘’I understood the philosophy of it. I could affect individuals’ lives and the health of their body, instead of just treating their problems.’’

A Specialization in Performance Improvement

Dr. Galloway adjusting a patient

Dr. Galloway adjusting a patient

Dr. Galloway’s training includes extensive knowledge in Active Release Techniques®, or ART®.

Many of his patients are athletes, often runners who want to see their performance improve.

‘’ART® allows me to treat soft tissue injuries, in addition to using chiropractic care to help people pursue their physical goals in running or endurance athletics.’’


Getting to Know Our Patients

Many patients have seeing Dr. Galloway since he started practicing. He enjoys maintaining the relationships he’s made with each of them over the years. ‘’Someone comes in for an issue, and I help them with that. As we continue, I become more than their practitioner. I become their friend and someone they can consult with to improve their overall well-being because I’m involved in their life. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve experienced in my years in practice.’’

A Healthy Life

When he’s not in the office, Dr. Galloway spends most of his time running or enjoying the company of his wonderful wife and two daughters. He runs competitively and spends around 10 hours per week running. Dr. Galloway uses running for his goal setting and achievement outside of the practice.

The Importance of Giving Back

Dr. Galloway is the race director for a half marathon in his hometown of Bedford, IN. Each year, the race attracts about 750 participants. The race donates to the local Boys & Girls Clubs of America and promotes school challenges to get youth involve with running.

He is also involved with Men Acting as Society’s Keeper, a group of individuals that pool their resources to get involved with local causes. Dayspring Center, a homeless shelter, and Back on My Feet, a shelter that promotes physical activity and employment, have been recipients of his group’s support.

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