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Can a Chiropractor Be Your Primary Care Doctor?

Think chiropractic first!

Think chiropractic first!

Around this time of year, I see a lot of families. Parents come in stressed out from extended holiday cheer and bring in their children who are run-down and suffering from colds.

I appreciate that more and more people are seeking natural ways to combat uncomfortable symptoms while trying to minimize their relationship with prescription drugs and over-the-counter remedies. A chiropractic office can often be your one-stop solution to whatever ails you — from aches and pain to the common cold.

We’re a Primary Portal of Health Care

I recently had an interesting case. The husband of one of my patients woke up in bad shape on a Monday morning. He literally could not stand up straight. This gentleman was very mainstream in his medical care and immediately called his general practitioner and was given an afternoon appointment.

As the minutes ticked by, however, he began to realize that this appointment most likely would involve many steps:

  • Traveling to the M.D.’s office for evaluation
  • Being referred to an outside diagnostic center for X-rays
  • Waiting for a radiologist to analyze the films
  • Returning to the original physician’s office
  • The possibility of being referred to a specialist

Instead, this patient came directly to our office. He was evaluated, and X-rays were taken and analyzed on the spot. He was then given a chiropractic treatment and left the office, not only standing completely erect but with a dramatic reduction of his pain. He told me later that he still kept his appointment with his medical doctor, but felt no physical difference when he left his office. He just received a prescription.

Many people are unaware that chiropractors actually have more physical hours of education than a medical doctor, including extensive course study in radiography. That makes us ideal primary care providers!


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  1. Essie says
    Apr 04, 2016 at 2:08 AM

    I have heard a lot of great stuff about chiropractic treatment. And so I tried it during my first two months of pregnancy. It gave me relief to my lower back. Now, this is interesting, can it really be used as a cure for colds??? This is just fantastic.

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