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Nasal Specific Technique in Fishers

Woman with tissuesReferred to as the Cranial Facial Release on the television show The Ultimate Fighter Redemption, Nasal specific technique is a unique adjustment for the nasal sinus passageways. These passageways are called turbinates or conchea. Their purpose is to disrupt air as it enters the nose to moisten and warm the air before entering the lungs. However, many people suffer from chronic inflammation in these passageways. This leads to sinus issues such as chronic sinusitis, headaches, breathing issues and other issues relating to the nasal cavities.

The procedure is very simple, quick and easy at ProWellness Chiropractic. Our doctors insert small balloon into the nose and it is inflated. The balloon opens the turbinates allowing for more air to enter the nose. This can improve breathing.

Sinuses and Sinusitis

Another side effect of this procedure can be improved drainage of the sinuses. Proper drainage of the sinuses is critical to sinus health and avoiding sinusitis and sinus infections. If the tissue in the nose is swollen or inflamed, this can affect proper sinus drainage. The most common use and side effect of the nasal specific procedure is improved sinus health and function.

Woman with head pain

Concussions and Headaches

There are many other reported uses for this procedure. Some clinicians use this procedure to help patients who suffer with headaches, especially headaches caused from concussions. The theory is that the cranial and facial bones can be affected by blows to the face and head. The bones of the skull and face are connected by a special set of joints called suture joints. They get their name because the bones look as if they have been sewn together. This is a very powerful and strong joint connection. However, these joints are still joints and there should be movement between the bones of the skull and face; although a very small amount of movement. It is theorized that blows to the face and head can cause these joints to become fixated. This could lead to pressure and pain in the face and head. The nasal specific procedure can release this pressure and normalize proper joint movement the skull and facial bones. This is accomplished by the pressure exerted outward on the bones when the balloon expands in the nasal passageway.

Patient Review: Headache Relief

“After receiving my fourth concussion, I suffered with a bad daily tension headache and a migraine every couple days that would not subside for anything. After running the typical tests I was diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome and told to simply rest my brain. Two medical doctors told me that there was nothing else that could be done and that the incapacitating headache could last over a year. This simply was not going to suffice for me, so I researched everything I could and tried every home remedy possible. The moment that I read about the Nasal Specific Technique I was convinced that this was the procedure for me. I couldn’t wait to start my treatment with Dr. Harkins so I could get some relief and get rid of this daunting headache that I’ve had for over four months.

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Dr. Harkins immediately told me that he had only worked on sinus patients for this procedure, which was very successful, so if I was willing to be the first concussion patient that he tried this on he would definitely perform the procedure! At that point I was willing to try anything! Some of the many qualities I like about Dr. Cory Harkins is his candidness, his knowledge, and his willingness to learn from his patients.After the first week of treatment my migraines were getting more infrequent and less severe. After the second week of treatment, my daily headache shifted locations and got smaller! I’m ecstatic to report that after only three weeks of treatment, my migraines and constant headache that I had for over four months completely disappeared! Since seeing Dr. Harkins I have recommended five other patients to him for the Nasal Specific Technique, all who have reported success stories. If you are suffering from concussions, migraines, sinus issues, facial pain, etc. I highly encourage you to schedule an appointment today with Dr. Harkins. He changed my life and just might change yours!”
– Rebecca D.


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